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Recently, a new trend called “becoming THAT GIRL” went viral on the world’s most popular social media platform: TikTok. As a researcher in social science and lifestyle blogger myself, I am intrigued about what being “that girl” entails.

Who is “that girl”? What does “that girl” do?

Why does everyone…

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Many YouTubers have made videos sharing the secrets to their channel success, such as consistency, search engine optimization (SEO) research, camera presence, music choices, gear upgrade, and authenticity.

Similarly, I myself have written two articles sharing my experience on YouTube — how much I make as a small YouTuber and…

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YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform, with a total of two billion users worldwide and 163.75 million monthly users on average. It is also a fantastic platform for creators, with 500 hours of video uploaded every minute by 37 million YouTube channels.

The success of YouTube lies in…

Dr. Ming

Ph.D. — I write about education, health, productivity, mindset, & personal finance~ Lifestyle YouTuber @Ms. Ming Lifestyle

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